Strong Arm Tactics by the American Medical Association

I'd heard that one could never leave the "family".

Here's a very interesting example of what happened when two doctors decided they could no longer in good conscience remain members of this organization.

This is the envelope received by one of the doctors almost 11 months after they chose to not renew their memberships.

Here's the nice little form where they tell you they will be happy to cash your check for $420.00 and then decide if they want to let you be a member.

Here's where it gets very interesting...
Notice how they've already looked up which insurance policies the doctor has. Could the fact that the other doctor has no insurance through the AMA have anything to do with the differences in the way each choosing not to renew membership was handled ?

It has long seemed as the AMA was much more in the business of selling insurance, rather than doing anything to support doctors or patients. I think "strong arm" tactics like shown above provide a glaring insight into the real personality of this organization

6/1/99 More about the AMA. I've just learned that they have eliminated the department of Mental Health and fired the doctor that had been head of it

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