Case Stationary Baler

Here's a photo of another Case stationary baler that was already restored and being demonstrated at a tractor show.

10/11/98 Got the baler towed home yesterday. Today I just greased up all the fittings. The right wheel is shod with a snow tire, but it holds air. The left wheel has an implement tire, but it won't hold air.
11/8/98 Finally got around to jacking up the baler and pulling that right wheel with the flat tire off. It has a very interesting arrangement for the holding the wheel on to the axle. I first removed a cast iron hub cover that was held on by found square-headed bolts and nuts. Next a collar around the axle was removed by simply pushing out a pin. This let the hub and wheel slide off the bushing.
2/6/99 Still haven't gotten anything done with that wheel I removed. It sure was a lot more fun back when working on these things didn't have to cause me physical pain at all my injury sites.


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