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5/7/98  I've done most of the updating on the various pages such as tractor, ranch, computer, and Jake, so there isn't much to add here today.

7/21/98  Getting the new house in shape has been taking up so much of my time that I haven't spent much time at the computer. I'm not really even keeping up with my E-mail all that well. I hope to get some pictures of the ranch, house, barn, shop, and tractors up on the web site very soon.

7/23/98  I finally got around to hooking the scanner back up after the move. Now there are some pictures of the ranch, commander the dog, and some of the tractors. Tanya the trailer finally has her own page, complete with the story of her wheel bearing adventure in Tuscaloosa. Many new pages have been added, though many of them still await some content.
On the CyberRanch front, the hot water heater died last night. It will hopefully be covered under the home warranty contract. I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning.

8/15/98  We're busy getting the house and outside in shape for the big events scheduled for September 5, 1998. Starting at noon we'll have a Car, Truck, Tractor, & Bike show. At 5:00 PM a DJ will show up, and at 7:00 Goodwench and I will be married on our island.
We finally got some significant rain yesterday. I'd been having to water all the trees, and the pond level had decreased a tremendous amount. I've started some grass seed in bare spots around many of the trees where the sun had been blocked until I did a lot of pruning.
Goodwench was in bit of car accident last Sunday when she was returning home from call at the VA. A young woman ran the side of her car across the front of Goodwench's car as she was waiting to make the last left turn on to our street. One of the worst things is that State Police insisted that Sassy (Goodwench's car) be towed away from the scene of the accident. The police had already allowed and helped us push the car off the road, and now it was just across the street from our property. Though we'd told the police that we didn't need a tow because we were already home and had to access to trucks and tractors with tow chains if the car was unable to be driven, the police called two tow trucks anyway. When I saw the roll-back backing up to Sassy, I ran over and informed the operator that we hadn't called for a tow truck. When I went to ask the officer why he'd called a tow truck, he accused me of trying "to run the accident scene" and said that he do whatever he'd like to maintain safety. He insisted that the tow operator load the car up. I even asked how much we would have to pay the tow operator to not get towed. When he continued to insist that he wanted the car towed, I asked if my friend's tow service could come and get it. He said he didn't think my friend's tow service was "on the rotation list" and we couldn't use him. The tow operator was laughing smugly when he saw that the cop was going to insist that we pay him $ 55.00 to move our car across the street. I guess Blondies Tow Service just happens to know the right people on the police force around here. To add insult to injury, the cop then issued Goodwench a ticket because she had said she was waiting to turn left when the girl hit her. The so-called "investigation" they did was a sham. I can sure see the need for us to make the right contacts to get on the positive side of the police around here, because they sure won't hesitate to screw you if they happen to feel like it. One of the cop's superiors acted really interested in finding out about how the cop insisted that we pay to have our car towed across the street, but not surprisingly, nothing more has come of it.
The good news is that the accident really did get us moving on our search for another vehicle. Goodwench had decided that a decent sized Sport Utility Vehicle would be a good compliment to our present vehicles, and she was interested in having four wheel drive. We'd pretty much decided on a Jeep Cherokee, but there sure weren't many decent used 4x4's around to choose from. The really good thing about this accident is that we ended up going out and buying a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. This 4x4 has the luxury of a Mercedes, and the performance of a muscle car. It will make a wonderful off-road vehicle someday.

11/15/98  I've been working at the VA for just about two months now. It sure does take up a lot of time. Having a job so different from my old private practice sure is frustrating. This kind of work really tires me out now, even though it's nothing like I used to do in my private practice. I haven't seemed to be able to get much else done before or after work so far.

Any thoughts or opinions?

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