Goodwrench's Antique Hit & Miss Engine

I bought this stationary engine at an auction back in the '70's

This engine had been stored in my father's barn. In July 1998 I pulled it and out and trailered it down to the CyberRanch.

10/3/98 I hauled the old engine to the Temple Early Days Antique Tractor and Gas Engine show. There I found out that this engine is an Associated, of about 2.5 or 3 horse power. I hooked my Harley battery up to the coil and put some gas in the tank. Without too much cranking, the engine ran for the first time in 25 years that I've owned it. It was a wonderful experience

Goodwrench preparing to crank up the Associated for the first time.

Denis Rouleau has an Associated Manufacturers Co. Page and shows a couple different models. The one that looks closest to my engine is called a "Chore Boy" and was rated at 1.75 hp.

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