Chester, the 1941Farmall M

Chester cleaned

Saga Of My Ongoing Search For a Tractor

I found this tractor in Goldthwaite, TX. Ricky Prescott is a man I knew from the ATIS lists.
3/26/00 Chester comes home.

Earl Fallwidth=492 height=328 id="_x0000_i1028" src="images/eqearfall.jpg" Phil Auten went with me to get Chester. Here he is helping me get Earls new wheels & tires mounted.

width=161 height=120 src="/image/002.jpg"

width=576 height=431 src="images/eqchestertubes2plant.jpg"

Getting ready for Fall 2001 Planting


Collecting, Restoring, Painting

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Created June 4, 2000

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