Farmall F-12

Saga Of My Ongoing Search For a Tractor

I found this tractor in Hamilton TX. A man named Ollie had a collection of lots of old farm equipment and four very old tractors. My friend Tw and I made a deal to buy all four of them. Tw got the Regular and a rare McCormick Deering W-30. I got this F-12 and an F-20.

11/15/98 I got a lot of the dirt end of the shop cleaned out today, so there is now room for the F-12 to get under roof so I can get started on it. I thought maybe I wouldn't have to put the rear wheel back on to move it and used the boom pole on the back of the Ford 640 to try and lift the rear of the tractor. The old Ford's hydraulics wouldn't budge it, so I put the wheel back on and pushed it into the shop. I want to drag the torch out to it and get started on the nuts that hold the manifold on, as this is one part that will definitely have to be replaced.

12/12/98 Finally had a little time to work on the F-12 on a Saturday. Having heated and soaked the nuts and bolts with penetrating oil for quite some time, I was able to remove the rusted through intake and exhaust manifolds. These are rather complicated because this tractor was equipped to start on gasoline, and run on kerosene. I also was able to remove the hood, air cleaner and the cover over the left brake. Removing the valve cover showed that the rockers and valves look fine. There is a 1/2" thick piece of felt above the rockers. I guess it is to help hold oil. The magneto was also removed and cleaned up.


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