Farmall F-20

Saga Of My Ongoing Search For a Tractor

Purchased from Ollie in Hamilton Tx, September 1998
This tractor has a generator mounted on the right rear frame rail so it could be driven by a belt from the exposed shaft between the clutch and the transmission. It was owned by a man who did carpentry work all day, and only farmed at night
10/11/98 When we attempted to load the F-20 on Tanya my trailer yesterday, it became apparent that the wheels were too wide to fit between the side rails. Though I was prepared with tools and a jack, the wheel spacing on the F-20 is not adjustable. I think I'm just going to have to get up the nerve to haul it with one wheel sitting up on top of the rail.


Very worn rear rubber tires on cutoffs
Missing steering wheel
Missing starting crank

2/25/99 The F-20 finally arrives home. I'm really hoping this one is in a better shape than the F-12 because I would like to try to get it started without having to tear it all apart.

Collecting, Restoring, Painting

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