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9/18/98 It looks like I'm finally a Farmall collector. Tw and I went to a help a friend haul a tractor home from Hamilton, TX last weekend. There we met a man named Ollie. Ollie had repaired farm equipment in the 40's, and had collected some equipment.

The Hauling:

John is the man at the back of the truck with the tool boxes. He found Ollie and his cache of great old iron. I met Ollie when we went to help John haul his Farmall H home from Hamilton. When we went to meet Ollie, John couldn't resist picking up the great International stationary baler. Getting both the H and the baler on the 18' trailer was no easy task. Even without rims and tires, the H's rear axles just barely fit between the sides of the trailer.
Micah, in the blue shirt, was named "Crankenstein" for his enthusiastic work with the come-along.

Some of Ollie's Stuff:

A nice Farmall Super C with live hydraulics and Touch Control. A very early McCormick Deering Binder.

I couldn't resist this International Model 52 pull behind combine and agreed to purchase it on that initial Saturday.

The McCormick Deering W30 and the Farmalls. From left to right: Regular, F-20, and F-12

A very minimally used Farmall Regular that was purchased by Tw, and a detail of it's steering gear.

9/19/98 Tw went to see Ollie when he attended the tractor show in Hamilton today. In addition to getting the serial numbers of the tractors he took photos of various details of the equipment as Ollie told him about it. Tw also took video of Ollie telling what he knew of the histories of each tractor and piece of equipment. Many of these pieces were sold new within a few miles of their present location.

10/10/98 We had another day of hauling from Ollie's. I got up early this morning and unloaded the trailer from the Temple Show. I left about 7:00 to meet Tw there. It's about 80 miles each way from Chilton to Hamilton. We first got the W-30 on Tw's trailer and then we started to put the F-20 on mine. The rear tires were too wide to fit between the side rails of the trailer. The tires on an F-20 aren't adjustable, so we moved it aside for the time being. I then loaded the Regular on my trailer and we drove the 100 miles to Georgetown. Tw got a really nice pair of additions to his tractor collection. After we used his H to pull the tractors off at his house, we headed back to Hamilton. Our plan was to put the F-20 on the back of the trailer Tw uses, because it doesn't have side rails and we figured the tires could just hang over the edge a bit. This would have left the trailer loaded very heavy toward the rear, so we decided to put the Case stationary baler on the trailer first. By the time the baler was on it was clear that there wouldn't be enough room for the F-20, so it will still have to wait. We then pulled the old McCormick Deering binder around to back on to my trailer. While pulling it the wooden tongue broke because it was really old and rotten. We basically loaded the binder by hand. It was 9:00 pm by the time we got back to the CyberRanch. We shoved the baler off Tw's trailer, and just left the binder on my trailer for now. My main goal for tomorrow is to get the Longhorns out into the front pasture, so I'll see what else I have time to do.

Teddy - 1956 Ford 640
Justin - Case VAC
Maggie - Minneapolis-Moline UB
Stationary Engine

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Farmall A

Farmall F-20 (9/18/98) and Super C

Case L

McCormick Deering 15-30

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