I'm currently stuffed in a two car garage.

You can see that most of my working conditions have been outside by looking at the pictures on Truckster's page.
4/23/98 I'm really excited about the possibility of finally having a real shop.
The property that we are currently looking at has a 30' x 65' metal building. Right now there is even a lift installed, but the owner is careful to state that it is not included in the purchase price of the property. He believes that it worth about $3,300 installed. Articles that I've read recently seem to say I might be able to get a new one for less than that. I will add more if it looks like we will be getting the property.
I've been using the PPG system.
Epoxy primers
Single stage urethane

The above composite picture shows the DP48 epoxy primer on a louvered inner fender panel and the Tartan Turquoise on some fenders, wheels, and part of Zeke's hood. Note the similarity of this color to Harley-Davidson's 1997 Bright Turquoise.


I'm using an HVLP turbine system that also includes a fresh air source and mask.

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Y'all please come back soon.

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