I'd been stuffed in a two car garage.

You can see that most of my working conditions had been outside by looking at the pictures on Truckster's page.
4/23/98 I'm really excited about the possibility of finally having a real shop.

The property that we are currently looking at has a 30' x 65' metal building. Right now there is even a lift installed, but the owner is careful to state that it is not included in the purchase price of the property. He believes that it worth about $3,300 installed. Articles that I've read recently seem to say I might be able to get a new one for less than that. I will add more if it looks like we will be getting the property.
5/7/98 It does look like we are getting the property. The seller and I arranged a package deal that included the lift, as well as a tractor and some equipment for it. I think it's going to great to have a lift. The only trade-off seems to be one of shop space. Because this lift requires a huge vertical column on each side, it takes up a lot of floor space.
5/19/98 Although the property closing is not until 5/27/98, I moved a bunch of my tools to the shop over this past weekend. I took the Delta Contractor's saw, radial arm saw, 1" & 2" belt grinders, dust collector, band saw, miter saw, parts washer, oxy-acetylene tanks, MIG welder, HVLP paint sprayer and respirator, to name but a few. Believe it or not, my current garage doesn't even look that empty.

7/21/98 Putting 3/4" iron pipe in the shop for the compressed air system. The iron pipe will help the water vapor condense so that the filters will be able to remove it. The other important point is that all the places where the line comes off the main system are on 8" risers. This allows the equipment to draw air without the water. I'm sure hoping I'll be able to sandblast with this system and not have to go out and get a larger air compressor right away. I'm also switching over to 1/2" air hose with 3/8" fittings. This should result in much less pressure drop.
The floor is still not done in the shop, so all my parts and tools are still stacked in the shed end of the building. Goodwench was going to have Diamond Liner spray the shop floor for my birthday present, but we just don't seem to be able to get a hold of Walt, the owner. If the Diamond Liner doesn't happen soon, I'll just use the 3 gallons of gray epoxy paint that I already bought for the floor.
The pack of pictures that had some views of the shop got "lost" in the move and the scanner still needs to be hooked up to my computer. I do have some pictures of unloading my 800 lb. milling machine/lathe from the trailer with the boom on the back of the Ford 640.

I finally got one distant picture of the shop building scanned.

11/14/98 Some things have been happening with the shop. I put down the 1 foot square black and white floor tiles in the front or office part of the shop. I'm working at getting all the stuff that was just stacked in the dirt floor part put away so I can use that space. It would be nice to get the Farmall F-12 pulled in there so I could start using the torch on the manifold and other bolts that are stuck.

6/23/99 Not only has the F-12 been sitting in the open, dirt floor end of the shop for a while now, but the cows are using it for shelter as well. I've used the lift a few times, especially for the Willys. The front part is getting more organized. It's still a long way from how I'd like to have it set up, but at least I can use it. The thing I find a disadvantage is having it so far from the house. Sometimes I think of building another shop nearer to the house and just finding other uses for this building.


Here is a shot of the south side after the main shop expansion:


This is the shed built along the "Great Wall of Chilton" (or Hwy 77 Fence)


And here is a pic inside the added portion of the shop:

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