Tool Time

I love tools of most any sort. I'm not really sure what to do with this page just yet. I might show pictures and descriptions of my favorite tools.


My ShopSmith Lathe/mill/drill combination machine coming off the trailer at the CyberRanch.


TiP pressure sandblaster

7/30/98 I spent some time in the last day or two beginning to get my old sandblaster in shape. This is really the old one. It has the screw in tank closure instead of the later pressure seal. I have one of the pressure seal units as well, but that's still in PA. A friend gave me this unit. Some had left it full of silicone carbide which appears to have soaked up a lot of moisture. It's really caked in the tank. I've taken all the fitting apart and got them cleaned out. The blasting end of the nozzle has a shut off valve made a 1/2" quarter turn ball valve. I was still able to blow through this valve just about as easily with it closed as with it opened. It will be replaced with one bought at the Farm Supply store, that will probably wear out very quickly from the sand passing through it.

Turbine HVLP Paint Sprayer and Fresh Air Source

Electrolytic Rust Removal


Post Mount Drill Press

Timber Frame Mortis Boring Drills


Any thoughts or opinions?

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