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Hi I'm Trailer.

I'm not real sure what breed I am, You wouldn't believe how I came to be part of the CyberRanch.

Daddy was moving Zeke, the 1956 Chevy pickup to the ranch. He had it on Tanya that trailer and he was backing up to unload. Even though Daddy could see both Jake and the Commander in his mirrors, Mommy was yelling for him to stop backing up. (That's cause I was hiding under the trailer.)
Now I have people that play with me, and two other dog friends.
We have since learned she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I finally got pictures of myself to show you.

Goodwrench has put together a lot of links about us Doggies,
If you'd like to see them, look under Animals, Dogs on the main Links page.

Email me c/o

Y'all please come back soon.

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