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Hi, I'm Zeke.

I'm a 1956 Chevy pickup

I hope to get the Chevy 283 & 4-speed out of Truckster, if she doesn't use it.

11/22/97 Two wheels have been wire brushed and primed with silver POR 15. They are to be topcoated with white or flat white and get the two best tires that came off the Jeep when it got its new sneakers.
4/10/98 I've finally got some working time in on Zeke. Two of the wheels have been topcoated with PPG's 1957 Chevy Tartan Turquoise, and some tires mounted. I pulled the front sheet metal off and yanked out the inline six cylinder engine. After I pulled the torn up replacement seat out of the cab, I noticed that the gas tank was rusted through in a number of spots, near the top. I guess that's the results of condensation. It looks like I'll be converting to some type of frame mounted tank now. Today I'm going to clean up the 283 block that was stolen from Truckster in preparation for painting. I'm going to try painting it the same Tartan Turquoise that I'll be using on the body, firewall, and inner fenders.
Here you see Zeke getting ready to make the trip from Waco to the CyberRanch

Email me at goodwrench@CyberRanch.org
Email me.

Y'all please come back soon.

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